Is this a balanced diet?

send good thoughts to me asked:

I am a diabetic on pills but I just need a diet that any healthy person would eat with low sugar.

  • 8am- low carb yogurt, banana, cherrios & cinomin in it.
  • 10am a couple cups of popcorn or a 1/2 an apple with peanut butter
  • noon-salad bar kind of salad or a healthy soup with whole grain crackers & meditaraniun I can’t believe it’s not butter
    or a tuna sandwich with some broccoli & dip
  • 3pm same snack as the one at 10am but the opposite one than the one I picked earlier
  • 5pm a proten such as fish or chicken, 1 whole grain peice of break with
  • butter, veggie & a sweet or baked potato
  • 8 pm a yogurt to keep my sugar steady through the night & I believe the calcium is relaxing & it keeps me from getting hungry

Thanks any ideas or suggestion or comments are welcome

Is the South Beach Diet a Good Diet for Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious problem that many people are faced with. Having diabetes means you have to control the kind of foods that you take in, diabetics often have questions about the diets they can follow.

Is the south beach diet a good diet for diabetes, is a question that gets asked a lot. Basically, the south beach diet is another version of the Zone diet and Atkins diet which focus on lowering the carbohydrate that enters the body.

So knowing this information the question, is the south beach diet good for diabetes, remains. For a point of information, this kind of diet was primarily invented to address the need of diabetics and heart patients so it is safe to try this diet despite the illness. And looking at the main cause of diabetes which is the insufficient amount of insulin, the diet can in fact boost insulin level hence the body will recover from the stress easily.

Furthermore, since it is noted that the diabetes would normally take place among people who are overweight, following the south beach diet will in fact help tone down the weight hence the risk of developing diabetes is most likely lessened.

Undergoing the program will cut back cravings for sweet foods hence the propensity of diabetes attack are surely lessened.With all of these, engaging in south beach diet can surely allow a person to cut back his or her medications. But as the rule of thumb, it is still best to seek the go signal of one’s physician before engaging in any kind of diet so your health can be assessed properly.