What is the safest or most natural non-calorie sweetener on the market?

Bobar84 asked:

I like to use equal and splenda as a substitute for sugar and I want to know if either one is safe to use on a regular basis. I am not a diabetic but I am trying to keep the weight off I had recently lost through excercise and diet.

How do you lower blood sugars?

My husband is a diabetic and his sugars run between 280 and up what can he do to get it to go down,he’s on insulin,pills for diabetics
he doesn’t eat all that much 4 small meals and he just kinda picks at them.He drinks diet tonic or water.
Are there any proven foods that can lower the blood sugars. Thanks any help is greatful needed.

How can I control my weight if exercise doesn’t do it and I can’t stay any diet program for too long?

G O asked:

My height is 1.92m and I weigh in 124kg. Because I’m a diabetic I can’t follow any diet which highly restricts carbohydrate diet. Instead, I have attempted to follow several low-fat and low-sugar diets, but without success. I do a weights program three times most weeks and cycle intensely for two hour bursts.  I’d appreciate any advice.