Does my daughter need to see a endocronologist?

My daughter has not been diagnosed as a diabetic. But her doctor was suspecting maybe pre-diabetes so he gave us a meter to check a few times.
I don’t remember what time or what she ate but I do know that these readings were AFTER she ate. Here are some of them: 168, 163, 161, 159, 155 (and several others over 140, but she has had a few normal readings and her fasting reading is normal). She also had a 62 after running around with friends.
So do you think this warrants a trip to an endocronologist? Or do you think her doctor is right calling her pre-diabetic? She is not overweight and eats like a normal kid (not an over amount of sugar but some sweets now and then).
She is under 18 and on the lower end of normal for weight. We took her reading an hour after eating 4 chicken wings today and it was 143. Her doctor told us to check her fasting ever few days and they have been normal. He also told us to check an hour after and 2 hours after because he wants to find how high she spikes.

Could I have pre-diabetes?

I have been having most every symptom of diabetes. Except for the rapid weight loss.
Recently I had checked my blood sugar after about an hour of eating a piece of candy and chocolate milk. I was babysitting a kid with diabetes so I figured why not check mine. it was 135. Which I thought was good because he told me it was.
Lately I have been having more symptoms and so I was looking around here and the internet and I saw someone saying he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes because his was 130.
Could I be pre-diabetic?