Changing Pattern Of Diabetes In Kids

Do you notice that your kids wish to urinate often and they are always thirsty?

Watch out because they may be a diabetes sufferer. Basically, diabetes is a serious metabolic disease which is characterized by an increase in the level of blood sugar within the body; such increase is due to the damage of organ functions particularly the eyes, the nerves, kidneys, heart, and the blood vessels. The condition takes place when insulin is not produced by the pancreas rightly. In some other cases, it may take place when the insulin is not properly used.

All children go through so many changes, they are always growing and they seem to be on the go from the moment they wake up so it can be hard to tell when they are suddenly showing the symptons.

Diabetes is divided into various kinds and people in the medical field are quite alarmed by the changing pattern of diabetes in kids. For many years it was merely noted that diabetes would take place because it is passed from one family generation to the other but studies now reveal that lifestyle and diet also have their roles to play.

The changing pattern of diabetes in kids is mainly down to the increase in the amount of fast food that we are all throwing into our bodies on what seems like a daily basis. The more rubbish we throw in to our kids bodies the higher the amount of diabetes will be. Because of this, it is advised that everyone, but especially kids should control the foods that they pop into their mouth.

As much as possible, choose organic, fresh and healthy foods. Get rid of junkfoods and soda—after all, they would not be named as “junk” if they are good for the body. It is needed that parents should learn how to teach their kids about the proper foods to be eaten.  As much as possible, they should take the initiative of preparing the food that will be served on the table rather than ordering from fast food chains.

Will Diabetes Affect My Wedding Day

I am just starting to plan my wedding day and I am wondering what I can do to make sure that diabetes doesn’t affect my day.

I haven’t long been diagnosed as a pre diabetic so I am nervous that the extra excitement/stress of the day could play havoc with my sugar levels and maybe end up in me having a black out.

I am sure that  it will be ok but I am sure you can understand why I am so worried. Having to look for a plus sized wedding dress is stressing me out enough as it is without having to worry about the chance of a hypoglycemic fit.

So what precautions should I be taking before my wedding to make sure that the day goes as smoothly as possible?

Blacked out from Hypoglycemia?

Has anyone ever blacked out from Hypoglycemia?
I have had hypo symptoms since I was a kid, so has my brother. My grandpa is diabetic so I think it is an un-avoidable fate to have blood sugar problems in my family.
I have been getting my weakness “spells” very quickly lately, I mean the onset is within a couple minutes of feeling hungry. I used to have at least an hour or so before i started to get the usual symptoms like sweats, faintness, irritability, unable to think clearly, etc. Which NO ONE at my work seems to understand.. they look at me like Im losing my head or are a hypochondriac.
Maybe it’s getting worse? I actually blacked out last weekend, and I have never had that before!
My doc said that she doesn’t think i Have hypoglycemia. But the only times she ever checked my blood sugar levels was after lunch time and stuff when i had my sugar up.
What can i do to curb the symptoms without packing on a ton of weight?