hypoglycemia diet?

BaraNoMori asked:

I experience hypoglycemia commonly. Most often it is reactive, but I also experience fasting hypoglycemia as well. It is a stand-alone condition, as I am not diabetic.

My question is this.. what can I do with my diet to make the symptoms of tiredness less crippling? As it stands.. after eating a meal, I can barely stay awake for the next two hours or so. Usually when the tiredness sets in I take a few glucose tablets to stabalize my sugar, but I know that is probably not the best to do. I think I need to change my diet so that I have less of an upward spike (and therefore less of the resulting crash). The problem is, it seems like the only thing I crave is carbohydrates and sugars. Is my body just producing a lot of insulin to make up for the carbs and sugars? What are the best foods to choose? Any help would be great.

How can you check if you have diabetes without seeing a doctor?

John D asked:

I’m 19, I’m worried I may have diabetes and I don’t have health coverage/insurance so I can’t go see a doctor. Is there a cheap way to check if you have it without having to go see a doctor?
Thanks for the tips guys but I don’t know anyone close to me who has diabetes, none of my friends got it. I don’t think anyone in my family has it so I can’t go to them for help. I’m not overweight either.

How often should I get checked for diabetes?

Softy asked:

I was wondering how often i should get checked for diabetes because both my dad and my grandma have it. I know that I am at risk because it runs on my dads side of the family.I also get dizzy when I stand up. And I am a teen that does do sports. I am not overweight.
When I do get dizzy I feel like I am about to faint and if I eat something it helps.