Testing type 2 Diabetics for Gestational Diabetes?

Is testing Type 2 diabetics (who are pregnant) for gestational diabetes the same kind of testing as it would be for a normal woman who is pregnant?
I’ve had three kids already and was not diabetic when I was pregnant with them, before or after. And when they did the routine gestational diabetes testing they gave me a high concentration of sugar or better known as glucose.
I have recently been told from my OB physician that he will still need to perform this test to see if I have developed the gestational kind. I wasn’t thinking at the time, but today I was watching a video that reminded me of what they do for this testing and I am now concerned about having to drink this high sugary drink. Does anyone know if the procedure is different for someone like myself?
I found out I was diabetic this last January and the cause could be a result from my PCOS that I was recently diagnosed with as well. I take medication for the combination and monitor my diabetes four times a day. I also monitor my ketones.
I do also see an endocrinologist.

Why is my blood glucose increasing overnight?

robin_g25 asked:

I’m a Type 2 Diabetic controlling my diabetes (for now) with Diet/exercise. I have lost weight, increased activity. At night before bed, my blood glucose is pretty good (100-115). But, then first thing in the morning before breakfast, it seems to spike (145-160). Anyone else experincing this? What can I do to manage?