Can I test myself for Hypoglycemia?

I was in class the other day when a friend of mine commented that I am always "kinda shaky and cranky" at certain times of the day and it occurred to me that I am usually also very hungry at those times, but couldn't do anything about it because I need to concentrate in that class and can't concentrate after I eat.
I seem to get extremely sleepy after eating as well, to the point where I can drink a big cup of strong coffee with lunch and will still some times wind up falling asleep in public places. It seems to be especially bad if I eat a lot after not having eaten in a long time. I asked around and a couple of people told me that it sounds like I'm hypoglycemic, which is apparently linked to diabetes.
My dad was diagnosed as being borderline diabetic a couple of years ago, and apparently you can inherit a predisposition for it, so its got me a little concerned. I'm not really over weight though, and I never had any problems like this as a kid.

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  1. BeccaBear says:

    it does sound like diabetes ecspecially the sleepness after eating. being over weight does not always mean ur diabetic. I would buy a a blood glucose meter and monitor you blood sugar for about a week usally 3-7 days take your blood sugar before u eat and an hour after. low blood sugar is 79 and below high blood sugar is 120 and up. this way u can tell what your doing and if ur sugar is low drink OJ or some other type of juice or soda. if its high but less than 250 drink about two bottles of water and walk alot. (take stairs instead of elvator) if higher then 250 seek medical help

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