Testing type 2 Diabetics for Gestational Diabetes?

Is testing Type 2 diabetics (who are pregnant) for gestational diabetes the same kind of testing as it would be for a normal woman who is pregnant?
I’ve had three kids already and was not diabetic when I was pregnant with them, before or after. And when they did the routine gestational diabetes testing they gave me a high concentration of sugar or better known as glucose.
I have recently been told from my OB physician that he will still need to perform this test to see if I have developed the gestational kind. I wasn’t thinking at the time, but today I was watching a video that reminded me of what they do for this testing and I am now concerned about having to drink this high sugary drink. Does anyone know if the procedure is different for someone like myself?
I found out I was diabetic this last January and the cause could be a result from my PCOS that I was recently diagnosed with as well. I take medication for the combination and monitor my diabetes four times a day. I also monitor my ketones.
I do also see an endocrinologist.

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  1. I’m a little confused as to when you found out you have Type 2 diabetes. Have you recently been diagnosed? You said you hadn’t had diabetes with your 3 children.

    I would assume that you will be monitoring your sugar levels already as you are diabetic. Your doctor won’t put you at any risk of having a hypoglycemic attack, if they believe it to be harmful then they will give you some form of insulin as a back up to ensure you get your levels down.

    It should be the same test as a normal pregnant person, I am surprised they are doing it to be quite honest as diabetes is diabetes – the gestational kind is just one that is found in pregnancy and is usually transient. You should be being managed for your diabetes regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.

    Best of luck

    Edit: Maybe it is just a standard protocol they have to follow whether you have diabetes or not?? I’m sorry I don’t know any more about it. Hope everything goes well for you.

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