6 thoughts on “How old were you when you became a type 1 diabetic?”

  1. shackfree says:

    remember to take thing one day at a time. and take the time to learn all you can about diabeties. sometimes when we are young we seem not to take very good care of our self. remember practice, learn, and try to be healthy.

  2. c.s.lewis says:

    well, i was 17 when i was diagnosed. i was 16 when i had the most symptoms though- i was diagnosed 2 months after my birthday and I’m turning 19 this month. I volunteer at the ADA during the summer and I want to start volunteering at the hospital next semester. Also, I write books and get them published and do a few book tours and read my books to kids with diabetes and let them know that it can never hold you back from your dreams. You can do a lot… it just takes some thought and time. Hope this helps, yes? =)

  3. In type 1 diabetes the immune system of body start working against the insulin producing cells. In case of type 1 diabetics they should take insulin daily.

    treatment of type 1 diabetes includes insulin pump or synthetic insulin analogs. Even type 1 diabetics can get rid of it with successful transplantation of kidney-pancreas. But process is very long.

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  4. My son is 16. He was diagnosed at age 7. Some days diabetes is a real challenge for both of us!
    Have you ever gone to diabetes summer camp? My son has gotten so much from going to summer camp for a week or two every year. This year he hopes to be a counselor in training. Look up or for information about summer camps. Young children with diabetes can learn so much from someone your age who has been coping with this for years. You can teach them how to take care of themselves and some of the challenges they may face in the future.
    You can also think about doing some volunteer work with JDRF. That’s not helping small children directly, but it is a good feeling to help work for the cure, and it’s good to network with other people with diabetes.
    Let your endocrinologist know that you want to do something proactive and see if he/she knows of a program that you can participate in.

  5. celtic.piskie says:

    I’m 24 now. I was diagnosed when I was 9. Right in the middle of summer.

    Honestly. i’ve never let it stop me do anything. This is my life. I refuse to let diabetes take over.

    This is my life, not it’s.

    I have been real mountain biking, heli-skiing, and got insanely drunk with a member of the dutch royal family.

    Take back your life. Make it work for you, then go have a chocolate pudding.

    We only get one life…. teach the kids to live as long as possible… but make sure they truly live and enjoy it.

  6. I was 16 when I was diagnosed and I’m 41 now. It’s tough some days, like when my doc told me he sees signs of diabetes in my eyes a couple of weeks ago. Scary! But I take good care of myself and do my best every day. If I have a bad day I might have a good cry but then I pick myself back up the next day and do it all again. Have you looked into being a counselor at a diabetes camp? Or starting a Type 1 support group for kids in your area?

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