Type two diabetes advice?

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I’m curious. I’ve read quite a few Q&As on type 2 diabetes in this section. It seems there are a couple of regular women answerers here who have let their disease progress to where they have to take insulin, while there are a couple of guys who have worked there way off of all medications with diet and exercise. All four of them are top contributors in the category. My question is this: When asking for advice in this section, who are you going to believe? The two guys who have found their way off the medication through natural means, or the two ladies who clearly don’t have a clue and continuously cite rhetoric from old, antiquated doctors’ and nutritionists’ advice?

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  1. Mr. Peachy® says:

    That’s a no brainer.

  2. MamaSmurf says:

    Well, I progressed to insulin. My body changed. I started out insulin resistant, took oral meds that helped for some years. Then my pancreas quit making the insulin it should, and I took more oral meds. Finally my pancreas is only making a fraction of what it should be and I’m on insulin. I did not let my disease progress as you say. I think you need to get some education before you start to open your mouth about thing s you don’t even have a clue. You can control type 2 SOMETIMES by diet and exercise, but later in life it usually requires medication. I almost DIED doing your so called natural cure…..Of which there IS NONE except for pancreas transplant. And I feel very sure that the guys you are talking about will someday need medication when their body changes when they get older. Just because a person has type 2 diabetes does not mean the person never took care of them selves, were overweight, or had bad diets or sat on their ***** all day. You know nothing about the disease. 51% of type 2 were never overweight, and futher more for the ones that are….type 2 can cause weight gain or loss. You sound like you are some kind of sales man or something. Just because something is natural, does not mean it is safe, and the natural and the herbal treatments can actually be dangerous, especially when taken with regular medications like blood pressure med. ( and their are others) Yes, I’ll stick to the advice of people that have taught me, (dr ) before I would ever listen to some one like you.

  3. micksmixxx says:

    Neither. I reckon I know enough about diabetes to not go listening to some answerers who think they know it all when, in fact, they have very biased opinions that don’t work for every diabetic. Plus, I don’t need to continually ‘cut and paste’ things from other sites, though I will offer websites where more information can be found.

    I do agree with MamaSmurf that many of these people who have so-called ‘cured’ themselves will eventually need to go back to taking medications.

    MamaSmurf is also correct in believing that many type 2 diabetics will eventually need to take insulin. This is due to the fact that for years their pancreas has been overcompensating and producing more insulin than would be ‘normal’ for a non-diabetic. Eventually, the pancreas ‘tires’ and ceases production of insulin which must be supplemented with insulin injections.

  4. Every type 2 is different. Some can follow the strictest diet and get tons of exercise and still need insulin at some point. Your pancreas is damaged and it’s only a matter of time before it will become defunct.

    Of course by your tone of your question, you probably already have your preconceived notions about what I’m saying since I am a woman, but I will answer your question anyway. I am going to believe none of them. I am an intelligent individual and I know better than to take medical advice from Joe Schmo on Yahoo answers. I can respect their opinions and maybe learn something from them, but ultimately it comes down to me and what I find works best for myself.

  5. Knowing that everyone is different and has different needs as far as diabetes is concerned, gives everybody a better overall understanding of the problem.

  6. David --Tig man says:

    i’m type2, and I agree with tim w. every one is different . Only your doctor can keep you on track with this. plus always ask questions when visiting your doctor. along with a good diet and excersise. things will stay good.

  7. lovingmynewpuppy says:

    My husband was recently diagnosed with type 2. He was 29 years old. He is 6 foot tall and only weighed 170lbs. So like Momma Smurf said not all diabetics are over weight. His doctor told him, that because of an cold he had gotten the month prior his body unleashed an attack on his pancreas and his destroying it and someday probably within the next five years his body will no longer be able to make insulin, so he will need to take insulin. My husband is very active. He eats well and takes his medicine but the fact of the matter is that this disease is different for everyone and you need to listen to your doctor and do what is right for you and your body. And just because you end up needing to take insulin does not mean that you did not take care of yourself. I hope someday there is a cure, but for now get your head out of the clouds and do the best you can to take care of yourself!

  8. This is my first post and my first time being here. I am really surprised to read such a snotty question. Sounds as if you have an axe to grind with someone.

    Do you realize that some folks do not have a choice when it comes to having to take insulin? Evidently your diabetes behaves perfectly? For 5 months I had perfect numbers and now I don’t. Nothing has changed in my life, the way I eat or exercise or stress, it just happened. Diabetes is such an individual disease no one can predict what will happen next with it, you just do the best you can with what you have.

    I don’t know who you are referring to but from other forums I have been on we let people come to their own conclusions not post with a snotty attitude. I may reconsider of whether I want to be a member here or not.

  9. Ginny B, please reconsider being a member. There is a lot of info on answers and wonderful people. You have to take the good with the not so good. That is life.

    As for the question: I do not see this individual as a salesman for natural products. The answer from here is what works for you and remember that it may not work all the time in the future…Diabetes is a disease. I have been newly diagnosed and each one handles the disease the best way to get their numbers down…and keep them down.

  10. submissivemale36 says:

    hi you there just for the record i think you should go and get your facts right there are more then the two you have said that have worked there way of med and they are both men and women boys and girls so you can take your question and stuff it OK

  11. WHOA!!! you cannot make a blanket statement such as “two women who LET their diabetes progress to where they have to take insulin” !!!

    I am one of the ones you are talking about here. I did not LET it progress!! I was spending most of my time outdoors with the animals I train and raise, heavy physical exercise for about 6 hours a day with lots of lifting. I ate a very low carb food plan with no starchy veggies, no grain products, very little milk product and lots of other things like fruits which I used to love.

    I am a nutritionist and dietician but do not believe the Diabetic Associations are correct in their food plans. Antiquated Doctors and nutritionists advice???? Doctors have no clue!!

    Each of us being a very unique individual will have to find the best solution to our unique individual problem of how this stupid disease treats us.

    If the Antiquated Doctor you mean is Atkins, yes, I believe he was right. I started doing low carb food plan when I was in college in the 60s and there was no Atkins then! I found I gained a lot less weight when I didn’t eat the starchy carby foods. I even lost weight with one hour of exercise every 3rd day while sitting in a class room or library chair more hours than I wanted to sit.

    We are all free to believe what we want and to express our beliefs. The people asking for advice must choose to read our answers and then to choose what they want to believe.

    I am very glad to have the insulin, the oral meds, and the few foods that don’t raise my glucose high so that it is doing damage to my eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and other body parts and so that I am not in danger of losing my toes all the way to the hip.

    Thank you very much for getting my dander up and allowing me to use this soap box forum to express my opinion of those who do not understand the problems of some of us in how we can treat this stupid disease.

  12. first off, a type 2 diabetic either doesn’t produce insulin or their body can’t regulate it properly. you sound like someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about. you have no idea the way someone’s disease affects their body, and you shouldn’t make a judgment on someone you don’t know

  13. ok type 2 is often due to life style modification,
    and some time gene factor ,

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