What are early signs of diabetes? And what kind of testing is done to check for it?

mommy2 asked:

I bruise easily and was told it could be a sign of diabetes. I am only 27. Also what do doctors do to test for diabetes?
Also I get light headed sometimes, hotflashes, can go from happy to sad at times,I do urinate frequently but always have,sometimes I feel weak like I dont have energy like usual I dont know if any of these symptoms have anything to do w/ this but if I dont control my moods my husband is going to leave me. I dont know whats going on. I will get a bruise and it will take months for it to disappear. I was adopted so I dont know much about my medical history but I do know diabetes,strokes, cancer, thyroid disease runs on my bio. fathers side. I get chest pains on the left side of my chest but its hard to tell what it is from indigestion its not real intense but it is bothersome @ times.

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  1. ive also heard you lose weight and kind of fast

  2. actually bruising easily is a sign of anemia or having a high platelet count..your doctor can draw a cbc which is a lab and tell you more..

  3. Bruising easy is not a sign of diabetes. It more likely a sign of anemia or cancer or nothing at all.

  4. thearizonapenguin says:

    Are you very thirsty?
    Do you urinate quite often? Getting up in the middle of the night to urinate?

    The doctor will draw some blood. From that he can tell if you need pills, insulin or nothing at all.

    This takes only a few minutes but is well worth your time.

    Are there any other problems, besides bruising, that you have? That can be a symptom of other problems.

  5. Diabetes is very dangerous and can be fatal if left untreated.
    Bruising can be a sign of anemia.
    You need to go to a doctor for a simple blood test that will determine what the problem is.
    This forum will only give you either more symptoms or worries.

  6. whizzbangdood says:

    Best thing is to test your blood sugar levels, if youre overweight your pancreas has trouble dealing with insulin levels, it sometimes overproduces which leaves you feeling very tired and run down, other symptons are excessive thirst, and frequent ********* throughout the day and night.

  7. Here are the symptoms:
    Excessive thirst and appetite, increased *********
    Unusual weight loss or gain, fatigue, nausea
    Blurred vision, dry mouth, slow healing sores/cuts
    Itching skin, especially in the groin or vaginal area
    Does diabetes run in the family?? Sometimes it skips a generation – did your grandparents have it???
    Bruising easy could be a sign of a low platelet count (what makes your blood clot).

    All it takes is a simple blood test – don’t eat anything for 12 hours before you get the test done. Please see your doctor.

  8. Some of the most common symptoms include increased thirst and hunger, slow to heal cuts and wounds, weight loss.
    If they plan a glucose (sugar) test, don’t eat or drink anything after midnight (you can eat and drink AFTER the test!).
    Often diabetes is heriditary. Anyone in the family with it?
    Frankly, your bruising sounds like something else. It may be something as simple as being a little clumsy or inattentive or – and this would be much more serious – there may be a clotting problem.

  9. 1) Excessive thirst; constant thirst
    2) Tired all the time; no amount of rest makes this better. Not enough energy to do ADL’s. I sometimes would make a batter and literally not have the energy to put it from the bowl into the pan into the oven, I was so sick, and didn’t know it. This disease totally mimics chronic fatigue syndrome.
    3) Some people are hungry all the time, no matter how much they eat. Some people lose weight no matter how much they eat. Some people completely lose their appetite.
    4) Extreme mood swings; emotional volatility, irritability, inability to cope w/ sometimes even the smallest problems or issues, as in literally NOT HAVING THE ENERGY TO COPE W/ SOMETHING, not wimping out.
    5) Sometimes, symptoms of undiagnosed/untreated diabetes can mimic Manic-Depressive Disorder, or BPD (Bi-Polar Disorder).
    6) In my own life, I have found hot flashes, anxiety attacks, “red in the face” issues, inability to deal w/ heat and humidity to be symptoms of blood sugars way too high, too.
    7) Any significant changes in vision, of any kind– GO GET CHECKED OUT!
    8) Sometimes extreme depression sometimes with no obvious causes, as in out of keeping w/ a person’s normal character.
    9) Frequent urination, especially at night.
    10) Craving sweets can also be a symptom.
    11) The person’s breath can smell “fruity” or “pear-like”.

    Most medical folks will take blood to check blood sugar and will also do a test called a Hemoglobin A1-C which will tell them what your bloodsugars have be running/trending for the last 3 months/90 days or so. Some doctors will order a Glucose Tolerance Test, but if your fasting blood sugar is above I think it’s 120 now (used to be 140), your Dr. will strongly be suspecting diabetes.

  10. When you are experiencing a deviation from your normal, that is something significant to attend with and you really need to see a physician for an examination and further test. That’s what happens to several people who ended up to an incurable/inoperable malignant disease condition because they tend to ignore the first signs and symptoms they experience and just relieve them with over the counter medications. Early detection is the best thing to halt and manage a disease. Otherwise, your doctor and or your body will say, “It’s too late now”. Better be safe than sorry.

  11. loss of weight,frequent urination,eating a lot,temptation to eat sweet,thristy,1st affects the foot then eye,kidney,leg,hands,…………better go 2 doctor and take a blood test!

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