What are my chances of retaining Gestational Diabetes with a third pregnancy?

Amy asked:

I have three children and my husband and I are contemplating a fourth. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes with my second and third child. We are contemplating having a fourth, but I am wondering what my chances of the diabetes not going away. Any ideas?

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  1. Gestational diabetes is caused by pregnancy and the hormones of pregnancy. It will go away with birth. If you’re asking the chances of getting type 2 diabetes i would say as much as anyone else. just exercise and make sure you have a balanced diet. If you are still concerned talk to your doctor to have it explained. It is really hard to understand and learn! Good Luck

  2. jjsoccer_18 says:

    well have you been checked since you had your last child? i was told that if you have gestational diabities then your at risk 10 times more to develope diabities within 10 years. if you were insulin dependent then the rate goes evern higher, and it moves up to in the next 5 years. it is like 75% chance that you will develope GD again with the next pregnancy. however if you are overweight, and loose weight, and it can be as little as 10lbs it can make the difference from developing both gd and diabities.

  3. The chances are higher if you had it during your 2nd and 3rd pregnancys. I have never had it and now with my 3rd pregnancy I am borderline. I would start watching what you eat very early so it will reduce your chances of having to take shots or anything.

  4. It all depends on your diet,exercise and weight. You would not be “retaining.”…if you were retaining…… it would be diabetes. The cure for GD is delivery.

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