What are the general symptoms of cholesterol and blood pressure and diabetes?

I mean to ask how do we find out if one is suffering from cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure without checking blood samples?

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  1. Puppy Zwolle says:

    You don’t.

    If those 3 are combined you are in serious trouble.

    You probably are overweight and did not visit a doctor in years even though you should have. You *** a lot are always thirsty and feel that drinking does not help you. You are in pain all the time, not much perhaps but uncomfortably at any rate. You are a heart-attack waiting to happen if the diabetic coma does not get you first.

    Good luck.

  2. shadowslight says:

    Those question need to be answer by your doctor or a pharmacists:)

  3. The symptoms of diabetes are vomiting, excessive thirst and hunger, and frequent *********. eventually diabetic coma.
    also you don’t ‘suffer’ from blood pressure and cholesterol. Cholesterol and blood pressure are normal. if you have no blood pressure, you’re dead. It’s HIGH blood pressure and cholesterol you should be worried about.
    sorry. had to say that stuff.

  4. Wandermind says:

    That’s not possible to know the cholesterol and diabetes without blood tests. Blood pressure is tested using a thingy that wraps around the arm.
    Don’t fool around with diabetes. OK? Go see a doctor, and at the same time he can do a cholesterol test. OK?

  5. starrwoode says:

    high blood pressure tends to give you violent headaches. diabetes makes you thirsty and you drink large ammounts of fluid, you can also have swelling of the hands and feet, itchy skin and so on, here in the united states many drug stores have free to use blood pressure meters.

  6. doubled254 says:

    Headaches, fainting.

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