What happens when you get tested for diabetes?

Aimee asked:

Is it a blood test?

Also what type is more common 1 or 2?

And lastly i heard people who have diabetes can not have children because it is very risky.

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  1. storme1975 says:

    generally your doctor has you go in for a simple blood test at the lab to check your fasting blood sugar level. If it is abnormal sometimes they require other tests to be ordered and a glucose tolerance test.

  2. it is a blood test to check how ur blood glucose levels are.

    type 1 is from childhood

    type 2 is generally adults… most likely if u r overweight

    n u can have children… most mothers get diabetes whilst the r pregnant as a matter of fact but as soon as they have given birth they go bak to normal!!

    good luck. im supposed to b tested 4 type 1… but i refuse to get a blood test LOL.. mum is gonna make me go this weekend 🙁

    if u get thirsty like all the time, u feel really energetic in little bursts n really down typa thing then get tested!

  3. vovi.loves. says:

    type 1 is very common, and the cause is unknown. type two is beoming more and more common in most ages.

    when they test you they will only ask for a urine sample and will ***** your finger to do a blood test.

    dont worry blood tests dont hurt and niether do the needles you would take if you had type 1 diabetes.
    they only ***** your finger, which only hurts for less than a second then put it on a strip to see ho much sugar you have in your blood.
    when i first got diabetes i was 18.5 and if you dont have diabetes you hould be around 5.1-5.9

  4. yes it is a blood test
    in young type 1 is common and in rest type 2 is common .
    however yo can have babies very safely dont be afraid medicine is quite advanced now.

  5. hellbilly says:

    you can take a simple urine test with a test strip as a preliminary test, then if it shows as positive, you would see your doctor and get a fasting blood sugar test. can’t eat for like 12 hours or so before test, then it’s just a blood test. I’m pretty sure type 1 is more common and is treated with pills, type 2 requires shots. not sure about having children with it. but alot of women get gestational diabetes during pregnancy and have little complications during childbirth. usually after it goes away. best to talk to your doctor to be sure. but as long as it’s not out of control you should be ok to have kids.

  6. shellbell says:

    your doctor will probably finger ***** your finger with a lancet and use a glucose meter. they might also draw blood.
    type 1 is more common in children, teens, and young adults
    type 2 is more common in the elderly.
    people with diabetes can have children but it is considered a high risk pregnancy and it can be very dangerous.

  7. Diabetes testing normally involves both a blood and urine test if it is a complete test.

    Type 2 is far more common than type 1. Type 1 Diabetics are unable to produce insulin and are insulin dependent. Type 2 Diabetes comes in two flavors that sometimes blend. They don’t produce enough insulin and/or their body is insulin resistant. I’m a blended type 2 myself.

    As for pregnancy, that I don’t know about.

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