What is the best diabetes supplements in the market ?

seb t asked:

I try to control my diet and do moderate exercise every alternate days for about 20 minutes. It is difficult to manage my diabetes, friends say having diabetes supplement is another way. Any suggestions.

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  1. My husband, Richard is a type 2 for the past 15 years. Due to his high BG and high blood pressure. The main concern is Bg which is at 200. After much pursuasion, I ask him to quit his highly stressful job as a hotelier. I help monitor his his diet, low carb, moderate exercise in the garden and reduce stress. It does not reduce his BG. Our friend, Joey suggested us to try as supplement, Dbethics which has helped many to reduce their BG. I was not interested but later decided to try. After
    about 10 days my BG drop to 105 and I went to see my endocrynologist who advised me to reduce my insulin
    by 5 units in the morning and another 5 units in the evening.

    After 2 months I did my HBA1C tests and was amazed that
    it has drop by 3 points. My doctor is equally surprised and
    has requested me to continue to monitor my Bg closely. Hope it can help you.

  2. rubybenubi says:

    Here’s a quiz about diabetic supplements AND follow-up reasoning:

    This dLife site is terrific for all diabetics: recipes, blogs, medical advice, everything! I gave this site to my diabetes educator and she’s passed it on to all the patients because it’s so good.

    Here’s the main site:

  3. MamaSmurf says:

    Ask your doctor. There are so many “healthy supplements” just for diabetics, and so many ” herbal or natural cures” that it isn’t funny. Most of them are just money makers for someone that likes to make money off of people with diseases. We talked about this more than once at the diabetic ed. classes I go to. Many of things things can effect your health in a negative way, and even cause harm to you. I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks and almost died over stuff like that. If your doctor has not told you to take any vitamin supplements, don’t worry about it. As for treating diabetes another way…..your doctor would have told you if there was a better way..just keep doing what your have been. Stay away from the fads and people that tell you that you can control it “with herbal supplements”, or even cure it. They are wrong. If it is hard to control your sugar levels, talk to your doctor about adjusting or changing your medication. Any time you have trouble like this, your doctor or dietitian (which you should have) are the first people you should talk to without hesitation.

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