What is the correlation between diabetes and obesity?

bio machine asked:

It has been obsereved that obesity occurs in people suffering from obesity. There should be some correlation between the two. This may be due to some physioloic, genetic, immunologic or some other factor. As a student of biotechnology, I wanted to know the precise relation between them and the mechanism by which they affect each other. I would also be thankful if some good websites for exploration of this topic are suggested.

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  1. tweetymayyy62 says:

    this is probably due to several factors: overweight people tend to eat unbalanced diets-too many carbs, etc. Many overweight people lead sedentary lives. Some may be glucose intolerant.

  2. lamiaoccisor says:

    Well obesity is and diabetes the relation is simple but you can check it out on . But you obesity causes an imbalance in sugar intake, normal people have a faster metabolic rate than some obese people. Other people get it because there obesity is cause by excessive eating those are mainly the ones that get diabetes. Check the statistics kids get it cause they over eat, simple too much food, too much for the pancreas to take in and it damages its balance.

  3. gomideast says:

    if you eat too much food you get fat and then get all kinds of medical problems that taxpayers have to pay for

    stop eating so much fatsos

  4. princesambuca says:

    I feel the reason obese people are at a higher risk for diabetes mellitus, there are a couple forms of diabetes, not diabetes insipidus, is because an obese person takes in more than they can handle in terms of sugar. The pancreas cannot be constantly pumping out insulin without being taxed in some way, resulting in diabetes. That’s why balance in diet is good and overeating, caused by a lot of reasons, is dangerous.

  5. dr_abeer76 says:

    first of all,diabetes is 2 types:
    1-insulin dependent :this is due loss of insulin secretion from pancreas,this type is started at young age or at birth,patient with this type is always thin & treated with insulin injection,being thin is due to lack of insulin in the body.

    2-non-insulin dependant:this is due to loss of the insulin receptors on the cell,so there is insulin but not functioning.this type is started at adulthood,patient with this type is always obese &treated by oral hypoglycemic agents.the reason of being obese is that insulin is anabolic hormone,so being available in the body leads to excessive kilograms.

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