What is the prognosis for someone with diabetes?

polarpenguin512 asked:

What are their chances of living or what will their quality of life be after they have this disease?

How is this disease inherited?

Does it come from either the mother’s or the father’s side?

Does this disorder be cured with biotechnology today?

Can gene splicing occur with diabetes?

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  1. candice t says:

    The disease isnt really inherated but if you have a strong family history on either side then your chances of getting it increase. If the disease is caused by being overweight then losing weight may cure it other wise you have it from now on. The prognosis is really good if it is controlled well with diet, exercise and in some cases medication. Try looking on the ADA(american diabetes association) website.

  2. There are two types of diabetes, diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Diabetes mellitus, commonly called simply “diabetes” has two type Type I and Type II.

    Diabetes Type I occurs when the cells that produce insulin are destroyed in the pancreas by the body’s immune sysatem. In effect, the body turns against itself. Type I diabetics must receive insulin injections every day since the bosy has no ability to create its own insulin. Type I diabetes has a strong hereditary component. The gene that predisposes you to diabates may be contributed by either side of the family.

    Type II diabetes occurs when, even though the body produces insulin, the cells which are supposed to absorb the insulin become insulin-resistant. This insulin resistance is caused by lifetsyle choices such as eating poorly and leading a sedentary life. It is this form of diabetes which has now become the world’s Number 3 most deadly disease.

    Type II diabetes also runs in families. Perhaps this is so because lifestyle choices also seem to run in families.

    Usually, the prognosis for someone with diabetes depends entirely on their dedication in managing the disease. Those who manage the disease can expect to live long lives. Those who do not manage their disease with the correct medications or lifestyle changes suffer a range of illnesses and risks incuding kidney failure, heart disease and death.

    As of today, no effective biotechnological advances have been developed to combat diabetes.

  3. MamaSmurf says:

    A person with diabetes can lead a long, healthy, normal life as long as they keep their disease under control. This means following a healthy diet, daily exercise, taking medications as directed, checking the blood glucose often, and seeing the doctor every 3 or 4 months. It can be passed by the father or the mother and does not skip generations. (although it can) The only cure as of today is a pancreas transplant. There are many things that people claim that can cure diabetes, but most of them are just money makers, like herbal cures. Many people say that type 2 can be cured by diet and exercise, but they are very unimformed people. There is no cure (other than pancreas transplant) for either type of diabetes. Type 2 can sometimes be controlled by diet and exercise, but usually later in life will require medication. 51% of those diagnosed with type 2 were never overweight or had bad lifestyle choices. In type 2 the pancreas does not make enough insulin. Many times it makes too much insulin and the body does not use it correctly.Many times type 2 is treated with oral meds, insulin or both. In type 1 the pancreas does not make insulin. This type is insulin dependent. Diabetes can be genetic, thus can be passed on from parents with the disease.

  4. I’ve been diabetic for 25 years and I disagree that it is not an inheirited disease. My gfather, father and twin sister all have diabetes too. The prognosis for diabetics 25 years ago was bleak. With all of the advancements in insulin and diagnosis and everyhting else, a diabetic that maintains normal blood sugars and takes care of themselves have the same life expectancy as a “normal” person. It seems like a lot of work but after a while it’s just like putting your glasses on in the morning. I don’t belive that diabetes comes from one side of the family or the other b/c it comes from both sides in my family. I guess med pros say that a baby’s cord blood can cure diabetes but since I am against manipulating nature, I haven’t read much on it. Not sure what you mean by gene splicing. I have never let my diabetes stop me from doing what I wanted and I think it’s completely stupid that people treat you differently b/c u have it.

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