Where can i find wheat gluten free products for resonable prices?

melissa b asked:

I am a diabetic and have a thyroid issue also, so my body does not digest wheat and I was told to stay away from gluten. I was doing the ‘eat right for your blood type’ diet and both items were suggested to be avoided but it seems hard to find items that are free of these ingredients without paying an arm and a leg any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Where can i find wheat gluten free products for resonable prices?”

  1. Pegasus90 says:

    If you have a Wild Oats store, or a Whole Foods market nearby (check their store locators on the web), they carry the gluten free stuff.

  2. sizzlingl says:

    There is a place called gluten free mall on the internet. They have alot of stuff and info.
    I also am gluuten intolerant.
    I have it that I also cant eat red meat. Also almost every time I eat something with glutten in it Im in the bath room.
    I also am lactose intolerant, allergic to red meat, allergies, ibs, fibromyalgia and other stuff.

  3. mommysoap says:

    As one who also is wheat intolerant, allergic to all things dairy, certain nuts and some fruit sensitivity, I understand. But, there are also marvelous recipes, most relatively simple, on the .celiac.com site to help you without really spending all that money for already prepared items.

  4. nursienurse says:

    Do you have a health food store nearby? They may stock gluten free foods and supplies to make your own bread/cookies, etc.

  5. JennCD Las Vegas says:

    An arm and a leg for a box of gluten free cookies used to be standard. But… check out the gluten free pantry and if there are certain gf foods you have found that you like more than others contact the company that makes them and request coupons. I do this quite often and company’s like Amys.com and Pamela’s Cookies send coupons constantly. Sometimes even for free products! More “normal” food is starting to get with the gluten free program as well. Example: Some General Mills Cereals (although maybe not low in sugar) are gluten free as well as most Yoplait yogurts, and a good amount of Progresso Soups. Don’t rely solely on nutrition stores that can be expensive when some main stream less expensive products are more readily available. Best of luck, oh, and if available maybe join an on line gf support group a lot of the members of ours don’t have Celiac Disease but just follow the diet. Jenn

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