Would I get lots of health benefits from eliminating refined sugar cold-turkey?

Dyamond Doll asked:

I don’t partake in much sugar-free stuff, but when I do it’s stuff like sugar-free candy (in moderation — the stuff makes me go to the bathroom if I eat too much). I also really l ike to eat fruit (high in natural sugars, but not the refined garbage). I have lost 80 pounds and would like to lose 40 more. I’m on Weight Watchers, but I spend what I feel to be too many points on sugary items such as Cracker Jacks, sweetened cereal, dark chocolate, etc. There is no diabetes on either side of my family, but I tend to get insomnia if I eat high-sugar items in the afternoons or evenings. About 1-1/2 years ago, I eliminated ALL carbonated beverages cold-turkey. It was hard at first, but now I don’t miss them.

2 thoughts on “Would I get lots of health benefits from eliminating refined sugar cold-turkey?”

  1. Well, the answer is quite simple: yes, you’ll get plenty of benefits from restricting or even limiting refined sugars and it all comes down to this: refined sugar has zero nutritional benefits. It’s got no vitamins, minerals, or anything else of redeeming nature. It’s “empty calories” in the true sense of that term. There is no physiological or nutritional necessity for the consumption of refined sugars, so one must not think that they’re not giving their body what it needs if they reduce refined sugar intake. There are instances in which refined sugars can be of benefit as it delivers energy relatively quickly – but the truth is the average person should be able to get by on very limited refined sugar intake. You’ll also of course limit your insulin swings and many people actually drop a few pounds just by making this one single dietary adjustment alone. In my opinion, refined sugar should be considered the #1 enemy in any diet plan — focus on whole, natural foods and you’ll be fine.

  2. justweird_sodeal says:

    I agree with Andrew. However if you plan on using artificial sweeteners you are just trading one bad thing for another. Yes cutting the sugar will help you lose weight, but by the sound of it you have already noticed the bad effects of artifical sweeteners to your system.

    Your best bet would to be to limit your sugar consumption as far as you can, without finding yourself falling off your diet and gorging on sweets to get what you crave. Instead of switching to artificial sweeteners, to later find yourself with other health problems.

    If you can go without artificial sweeteners and still cut refined sugar out of your diet, you will have to best results all around. Just don’t change a fattening sweetener for one that will cause other problems later.

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