Signs of Diabetes in Kids

When it comes to knowing whether your child is suffering from diabetes it is important that you understand what the signs and symptoms of this condition are.  In most cases today there are plenty of places where you can obtain the right information concerning skings of diabetes in kids.  The best place often to start your search would be the internet.

What is also important to note is that there are several different types of Diabetes that both children and adults can suffer from.  However, for children the most common form is known as Type 1 Diabetes.  It is this type of diabetes which will actually prevent the body from producing insulin which it needs.

Although there is a Type 2 version of this condition, this can take time to appear.  But with Type 1 it can actually occur without any real warning.  Below we look at the most common signs associated with Type 1 Diabetes.

1.  A child will start to urinate a lot more than they should.  This is because their body is not producing enough insulin in order to move glucose to the cells in it.  This additional amount of glucose is actually absorbing more water from their bodies and this in turn results in them having to go to the toilet more often than they should.

2.  A kid will start to drink more.  This is a result of the excess glucose that their body is unable to get rid of actually absorbing fluids it already has.  So if you do find that your child happens to be drinking more and going to the toilet more often, then it would be wise to arrange an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can.

3.  Also another sign that your child may well be suffering from Type 1 Diabetes is that they begin to eat more.  The reason for this being is that because glucose is unable to get into their bodies cells they are not getting enough energy to help them keep going throughout the day.

4.  Along with a child often eating more than would be considered normal for their size and age, they will start to complain that they feel tired even when they are not doing anything.  Again this is a result of their bodies being unable to convert the glucose into energy.

5.  The final sign of Diabetes in kids which may lead you to believe that your child has this condition is a sudden loss of weight.  Again because their body is unable to produce insulin which then allows glucose to be converted into energy their bodies will find other sources inside itself to provide it with the energy it needs.  It will generally start to use up any stored fat within the body to produce the energy that it needs.  Also weight loss can be caused because they are losing more fluid than usual.

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